We announce an enrolment  into a new Krav Maga group

Schedule of trainings:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
20.00 – 21.45

The age of participants: over 15.


Kyiv, “Vokzalna” or “University” Underground Stations

75 Zhylianskaya St., school №165 (4th floor)


Training Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 20.00 – 21.45


Our training

Our training facility is located in the downtown, which is convenient for those who live both on the left and on the right banks of Dnepr river, it is perfectly equipped for Krav Maga training: appropriate flooring, makiwaras and kickboxing punch mitts to practice kicks and hits, wooden and rubber knives and sticks, helmets and other sports equipment.

Personal protective equipment (for the groin, shins, forearms) is to be brought by trainees. The training includes presentation of the technique and simulation of different attacks, during which trainees have to work and test the material studied in situations close to real life ones.