Krav Maga

To date, Krav Maga – is one of the best examples of a professional approach to the creation of a modern system of self-defense and unarmed combat.

Krav Maga – a system of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense originated from Israel. The literal translation means “contact (-maga)” and “fight (-krav)”. Initially, the system was created for the needs of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Like any fighting system, Krav Maga is based on several principles: simplicity, the transition from the defensive to the offensive technique, the use of impromptu means, work on soft spots, etc. But the system has proved to be so adaptive that it quickly moved beyond military training.

Krav Maga is not a pure technique, it is a tactic. The technical stockpile may vary, but the principles are solid. Initially, the entire Krav Maga technique is built on three assumptions:
– any defensive action suggests that the enemy is armed;
– the enemy is not alone;
– the enemy will resist.

Therefore, in Krav Maga one should always keep in mind that:
– any defense is built exactly in view of weapons in the hands of the enemy;
– better not to wrestle with the enemy or let them hack you;
– technique which does not harm the offender will sooner or later lead to your defeat.

This helped to articulate the following Krav Maga principles:
1. “Point of Threat”
2. Simultaneous defense and counterattack
3. Simplicity
4. Braking the distance

Another very important feature that distinguishes Krav Maga from other similar techniques – an approach to training. Most commonly, having introduced fighters to the basics, the trainer simulates different attacks forcing the students to work and test the basics in situations close to real life attacks. One of the Krav Maga mottos sounds like «we fight like we train and we train like we fight».

Presently, Krav Maga is one of the best examples of a professional approach to the building of a modern system of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat.

Krav maga is not a sport… it’s not a martial art. It’s self defence system.
History of Krav Maga

History of Krav Maga

The official “patriarch” of Krav Maga is a Jew, who was born in Budapest and grew up in Bratislava, Imi Lichtenfeld. His father, Samuel Lichtenfeld (circus wrestler, founder of the weightlifting club, and later the chief detective of the city police department), taught his son everything he knew himself, as well as organized his training in many other sports. Imi was engaged in swimming, gymnastics, wrestling and boxing. In the mid-30s Imi led a group of young Jews creating a resistance to appeared in Bratislava fascist and anti-Semitic groups. Imi had emigrated to Palestine and helped the establishment of the State of Israel initially serving in a military organization “Haganah”, the forerunner of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), and then in 1948 with the birth of the State of Israel, he began to serve in the IDF, where he became chief instructor of physical training and fighting.

Thus was born a new discipline of hand to hand combat which was called simply close combat (Krav Maga).